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Since 2015, I have the immense privilege of being a photographer. Quickly, I figured out what way I wanted to go: it was clear that I was going to shoot wedding, couple, maternity and family photography. Human connections, emotions and family dynamics are what I like to explore. From the beginning, I also knew that natural light would be my partner for all the lifestyle sessions. Maternity/family photos with studio lighting in front of a set location is not for me.

Going outside, especially in nature, is a great source of inspiration for me. It is so beautiful, so generous and brings us something new every season. It makes the shoots much more dynamic, because we don't have any space constraints. I feel like people allow themselves to be themselves more by being outside.

If you're on this page, it's probably because you want to see more of my work. Whether you're planning the best day of your life or just want to get some beautiful, natural, authentic memories of your couple or family, you've come to the right place. Here, you have access to my different portfolios. Whether it's for wedding photos, maternity photos or family photos, everything is at your fingertips. Click on the album below that corresponds to what you are looking for to see all the pictures and don't hesitate to contact me to tell me about your project.

Together, let's create memories that reflect you, something unique

Click on the album that matches what you are looking for to see all the photos.

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