I tell in a fair and authentic way the most beautiful day of your life.

Let the adventure begin!

You are getting married, congratulations! I know that right now you are busy with your wedding preparations and with that comes a lot of decision making. You're probably even overwhelmed by what's involved:

-Choosing the date and location

-The guest list

-The decoration and its infinite possibilities

-The choice of the bridal party

-The dress

-The invitations and more...

Don't worry, I understand. Being married myself, I have gone through the same steps as you and I know that you have many questions. The celebration of your wedding is a unique day in your life, an occasion that will never come back. You want it to be totally at your image. You want to spend a memorable day with your loved ones, whether you are 50, 100 or 200 guests, while having peace of mind.

And then you realize that choosing providers who have the same vision, the same vibe as you do, makes all the difference.

As a wedding photographer, I am one of the people who will spend the most time with you on your big day. I will be there to authentically document the moment while adding my artistic touch. I will be responsible for the tangible memories you will have. Because once the day is over, the cake is eaten and the decorations are put away in a box, only your pictures will remain. They will follow you all your life and will be shared with your loved ones and future generations to (re)live all the emotions you experienced.

Nice to meet you!

Photographe mariage et lifestyle basée sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal

I'm Aurélie! With over 100 weddings photographed in the last 6 years, I know how to make you feel comfortable and have a memorable photographic experience (yes, even if you've never done a photo shoot before and you think you're not photogenic). Working with me for your wedding is not only to ensure you have memorable souvenirs of the most significant day of your life, but also to have someone who is attentive to your needs. With my cheerful and dynamic nature, I'm there when it's necessary to take the lead, but I also know how to be more discreet when it is necessary, always being in the heart of the action.

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" Let Aurélie's artistic eye and talent guide you, you will be delighted with the result! Aurélie charmed us from the first contact! We were looking for a photographer who knows how to highlight people and nature. A person with whom we would feel comfortable and confident for our wedding. We chose her for her ability to capture the authenticity of the people and the moment and for her love of nature and we recommend her without any hesitation. Every time we look at our wedding pictures we relive the moment with emotion as if it was yesterday. Thank you again for everything Aurélie! ''

Dominique & Benoît

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My guide for bride and groom to be

Because I want to give you the best

My goal: to guide you well, to offer you an impeccable service, to give you authentic and timeless memories of this unique moment that is your wedding. I know that you will ask yourself many questions throughout the preparations and I also know how each detail is important to make sure that everything is at your image. You put all your heart into it.

So it's with all my future brides and grooms in mind that I worked on creating a guide that covers the photographic aspect of weddings, from the pre-wedding session (engagement) to the evening of the event. I photograph a lot of weddings every year, so I use my experience and my observations to help you. I want to make your life easier.

Photos are a very important part of your wedding: they will always be there to remind you of your day and allow you to share it with your loved ones. You will find my tips and tricks to optimize the shoot and allow you to have the most beautiful memories.

It's therefore with great pleasure that I give a copy of my wedding guide to all the couples with whom I have the privilege to work for a coverage of their wedding of a minimum of 5 hours.

My experience at your service

The wedding packages

Each package includes:

-1st appointment to get to know each other and discuss your needs;

-Wedding day photo schedule, to make sure we cover everything you want;

-A copy of my wedding guide (see above on this page) with my best tips and tricks to have the most beautiful pictures;

-My expertise and my attentive ear throughout your preparations. My enthusiasm and good mood to create unique and authentic memories;

-A total of 150 km of travel;
-15% discount on a pre-wedding session (see lifestyle packages);

-Get a $100 discount on your high-end book or printed album by reserving it at the same time as your wedding package.

The perfect day

9h coverage

-Everything in the pink box above.

-9 hours of continuous service on your wedding (generally from preparations to the first dance, depending on travel);

-A minimum of 450 high resolution photos in a downloadable web gallery (online for 1 year). Your photos will all be corrected according to my style;

-In the days following your wedding, you will receive a photo summary of your day to make you wait;


The essential

7h coverage

-Everything in the pink box above.

-7 hours of continuous service on your wedding (generally from preparations to the beginning of the evening, depending on travel);

-A minimum of 350 high resolution photos in a downloadable web gallery (online for 1 year). Your photos will all be corrected according to my style;

-In the days following your wedding, you will receive a photo summary of your day to make you wait;


The minimalist

5h coverage

-Everything in the pink box above.

-5 hours of continuous service on your wedding (generally from preparations to the end of the cocktail, depending on travel);

-A minimum of 250 high resolution photos in a downloadable web gallery (online for 1 year). Your photos will all be corrected according to my style;

-In the days following your wedding, you will receive a photo summary of your day to make you wait;


Rates and packages are in canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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Every day between November and April or from Monday to Thursday between May and October, it's possible to have a smaller wedding coverage. Contact me for details.

The littles ones


'' This photographer has an amazing talent! She is sensitive, caring, professional and generous! She knows how to render the emotion experienced in pictures! We cried while looking at our pictures! Moreover, she doesn't neglect any detail! In addition to being a photographer, she can guide you through the process of your ceremony and your wedding. I recommend Aurélie to anyone who wants to be sure that one of the most important moments of their life will be immortalized at the height of the emotion really experienced! ''

Julie-Anne & Calixte

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''À la carte'' options

- 1 additional hour on the wedding day: 300+tx

-Second photographer on demand. Present for the entire length of your package. Note that for weddings of 140 guests or more, the presence of a second photographer is strongly recommended.

-High-end photo book and lay flat flush mount album

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Rates and packages are in canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.




It depends on what moments of your wedding you would like me to document. When we meet, we will draft a schedule based on your needs and reality to determine what coverage would be most appropriate. For your information, here is what each package generally covers:

-5 hour package: the preparation of both bride and groom until the end of the cocktail.

-7h package: the preparation of the bride and groom until the first part of your evening/dinner.

-9/10h package: my presence during all the dinner, first dance.

Of course, you have to take into account the different trips to be made during the day (for the preparations, the ceremony, the reception). An 7 hour package where everything takes place in the same location will cover more moments than an 7 hour package that requires multiple trips. Note that it is also possible to have an intermediate package, for example 6h or 8h.

5h, 7h, 9h or 10h coverage...

How to choose?



The ideal time is when your wedding date becomes official, so right after you book your venue. Even if the majority of couples book my services 12 months before their wedding, some book 18 months in advance and others, 9 to 6 months in advance. Of course, the more time passes, the less dates remain available on my calendar, especially on Saturdays between May and October. Your wedding photographer, unlike your florist for example, cannot take more than one wedding in a day, so that's why it's the next supplier you should book after your venue/church. Sometimes couples contact me before booking their reception hall to check my availability and make sure they choose a wedding date for which I am still available.

How long before the wedding should I book your services?



We are considering getting married outside of Quebec/Canada.

Do you travel abroad?

Yes, I love to travel and I can travel outside of Quebec. It's best to contact me to discuss your project. I will then be able to offer you a package that will be different from those presented above.



I love doing this session! People call it a pre-wedding/engagement session, but I like to call it a "connection session", simply because it's a couple's photo session that will allow us to get to know each other better. You know, on your wedding day, my role is not to "take pictures". Well, yes, of course, but it goes so much further than that. My role is to tell a story with my photos, YOUR story, the story of your day. As a wedding photographer, I need to know more about you before the big day, to understand your personality in order to get what I'm looking for in my photos: authenticity. I need to know who are these two lovers who will be in front of my lens during their wedding, to create links with you. I need to know if you are the quiet type or the energetic type.

By doing this session a few weeks/months before the wedding, we will create bonds to make the experience more natural on your big day where I will spend a lot of time with you, where I will enter your bubble. On your side, you will get used to my way of working. I will guide you in a non-intrusive way. After this session, you will have beautiful photos of the two of you that you can use, if you wish, to create a save the date, your invitations, a signature book, etc. To see examples of photos from the pre-wedding sessions I have done, click here.

What is a pre-wedding session?



I'm really pleased to know that my style appeals to you. The next step is to contact me by clicking on the button below and let me know your wedding date so that I can validate my availability. If I am still available on your date, we will set up a meeting to discuss your big day, your expectations and also make sure that together we will form a good team. Indeed, it's essential that the chemistry is there with your photographer (and all your suppliers in general). You don't choose your wedding photographer simply based on his portfolio or his packages, you choose your photographer also because you feel comfortable in his presence, because you like his personality, because you know that with this person you will be in confidence. It's a heart story ! After our meeting, if you wish to book my services for your wedding, a contract will be sent to you and a first payment of $500 +tx will be requested. Once these two steps are completed, your reservation will be official and we can start dreaming.

We are very interested in working with you for our wedding.

What are the next steps?

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I look forward to hearing more about you and your wedding!